Ferriero fun

At the end of my lunch break and taking a moment to put up three of the great photos I just received of the reception at the National Archives and Records Administration on October 5, 2011.  I received these images courtesy of the Foundation for the National Archives, photographer Margot Schulman.

The first  one shows how the Big Dude, aka AOTUS David S. Ferriero, greeted me.   We all got a big laugh out of it (well done, Big Dude)!

When I walked into the Archivists’s Reception Room, David Ferriero was standing in the middle of the room with Jesika Jennings, an official of the Foundation for the National Archives.  We greeted each other. David looked at my blue finger nail polish, took my hand, and held it up for the official photographer who was standing on the other side of the refreshments table.  He exclaimed exuberantly to the photographer, “Look at her finger nails!!” 

I laughed and replied, “Well, of course I painted them blue, it’s worth doing that when I come to NARA.”  (I had painted my nails the same shade of blue in 1985 when I dressed up as a Star Trek character at a Halloween costume contest while working at NARA.  AOTUS knows that, of course.)  David laughed and said, “I like them!”  We kidded each other about all sorts of stuff, talked for about 15 minutes.  He’s the agency head, was host for the reception (circulated the room for an hour), and moderated the panel that followed in the theater.  And he was due to travel to Texas for an event at SMU the next day.  So he was  on duty. 

David gave me a gift in how he greeted me and made me laugh.  I reciprocated.   I kept all my chitchat with him light.  The second photo shows me chatting with David (I’m laughing hard, there was no shop talk from me)!

And the third one shows me with my longtime, cherished friend, Rod Ross of NARA’s Center for Legislative Archives, and his friend, Phil Viles.

It was very kind of the officials of the Foundation for the National Archives to make available to me these wonderful photos from photographer Margot Schulman.  I had fun at the event and am having fun passing these on for my readers to see!   To riff on one of Ferriero’s blog posts, David brings the fun into the workplace, I’m glad to bring the weirdness with my blue nails, ha!

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