“Quite the shoulder to lean on”

Because it’s Friday and it’s my blog and I can!  With a h/t to @archivesnext, and a laugh at the text posted at Mashable, here’s all you need to know about mentoring and teamwork!

Sweet, poignant, funny.  I smiled.  Compassionately, of course.  Grin.

The Mashable poster sez it all:

“Sometimes we all just need a mentor, a guiding spirit or a cheering squad to get us through those tough moments.

And while this puppy is having a mega-crisis of sorts trying to conquer his fear of the stairs, this other, bigger dog steps in as quite the shoulder to lean on.”

The pup is both cute and poignant and the adult dog is wonderfully endearing, especially in the last few seconds of the vid as the “mission” is completed.

Who needs paid experts, consultants and coaches.   Get a dog!

And if you need more smiles (who doesnt?!), here’s a great summary by Kate Theimer of this afternoons #overlyhonestarchivists Tweets, inspired by #overlyhonesthistorians.  Am I allowed to give out two h/t to the same person in one post?  There are no rules!  Doing it.  Thanks, @archivesnext!  And yes, you’re reading my tag right–“workplace issues.”

One response to ““Quite the shoulder to lean on”

  1. Hard to choose a favorite! Right up there for me is “I use MPLP as shorthand for anything done half-assedly.” Followed by: “Making the same request three different ways means you will get a response twice as slowly.” And “I write my diaries with contextual clues for future archivists.”

    Yeah, I know which people tweeted those. Thanks!

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